We invite you to be a recruiter at this event as it will provide great exposure for your school. You will be able to share your message with a large group of future college educated young people and their parents. We will actively market and advertise this event throughout central Alabama. We specifically email, call and send text to over 13,000 contacts that we have developed over many years. In addition, we promote the event through traditional television, cable, interviews, yard signs, radio, word of mouth, social media and geo-fencing. We also distribute full color printed event promotional material to the target audience throughout central Alabama. Rest assured, your investment will contribute to the success of this positive, worthy event. We will work hard to bring great value to your investment.

Recruiter Booth Fee- $250 1 booth space at the event and access to the hospitality area

Pay on our website at http://www.fosteringexcellenceproductions.com by clicking on the "Donations" tab. Also, if you pay by check make all checks payable to Fostering Excellence Productions. Checks should be mailed to 1565A E. Trinity Blvd AA02, Montgomery, AL 36106.

Sponsorship payment deadline is September 22, 2023. Thank you for your support!